Learning Environment

Fuqua’s world-renowned faculty members are recognized for excellence in both teaching and research. The classes they teach are academically challenging and relevant to business today. Despite world-class credentials, your professors are highly accessible—with an open-door policy, they’re often happy to continue a classroom debate over coffee or lunch.

When you are in Kunshan, Fuqua faculty members travel to China to teach at the Duke Kunshan campus. As residents on campus, you’ll have ample opportunities to interact with them both inside and outside the classroom. You’ll be able to form relationships with some of the world’s greatest business minds, learning from them all the while.

Teaching Methods

Your courses will blend academic rigor with real world practicality, mixing lectures with case studies, exercises, games of strategy, corporate visits, and guest speakers.

Case Studies

Classes use real business cases as the basis for classroom discussion and team assignments, challenging you to understand business problems from the corporate perspective. These cases allow you to gain invaluable industry knowledge and an appreciation for the management and leadership challenges companies face every day. You’ll also learn how to analyze issues despite incomplete data and times of uncertainty, and exercise judgment and make difficult decisions like a true business leader.

Active Participation

While your extensive reading assignments will prepare you for class discussions, active debate and analysis are essential in creating the most valuable learning experience possible. You’re expected to be an active participant in class discussions. This approach challenges you to think practically, critically, and creatively, preparing you to tackle future business problems from multiple perspectives.

Team Based Learning

To simulate today’s corporate environment, you’ll be assigned to work with a small group that’s representative of many diverse backgrounds, hand-picked to ensure you learn from people who think differently from you. Your learning team works collaboratively on class assignments for the first three terms—giving you opportunities to learn and grow through shared problem solving and constructive debate. Teams reshuffle when you move to China, letting you practice your new collaboration skills with an entirely new set of classmates.

Honor Code

Fuqua is serious about ethical leadership, and we create a climate of integrity. All members of our community are governed by Fuqua’s Honor Code. By electing to join our community, you will be expected to abide by our standards of honesty and integrity, no matter whether you are at Fuqua or at Duke Kunshan.

I was fortunate to be surrounded by faculty, staff, and friends who helped me discover and understand the intricacies of leadership. The lessons I gathered during my time as an MMS student refined my perspective and have made me a more thoughtful and intentional leader.

Luke Walker, United States

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