Career Resources

You gain access to job search resources as soon as you begin the program, and you’ll continue using them throughout your experience in both Durham and Kunshan.

We offer private coaching sessions, industry exploration symposia, alumnus-student mentorship opportunities, and more. During your first three terms on Duke’s campus in Durham, NC, you’ll have access to Fuqua’s on-campus career resources and programs. You’ll also receive customized resources on campus at Duke Kunshan University in China, including career coaching, customized workshops, in-region corporate visits, and local alumni panels.

Our professional career coaches help you find the career opportunities that fit your interests and skills. Whether you’re in Durham or in Kunshan, these coaches are available for one-on-one sessions by appointment, either in person or via online communication channels such as Skype. While you’re in Durham, you can also attend walk-up hours between classes to chat informally with an advisor.

Additionally, alumni volunteers of Fuqua’s MBA and MMS programs work with MMS students one-on-one through our Career Advisor for MMS (CAM) program. These alumni share firsthand experiences, help you sharpen your resume and cover letter, and build your interviewing skills through mock interviews. You can request to work with alumni based on your chosen industry, adding another dimension of personalization.

We engage you in the job search process from orientation through graduation. The Fuqua Career Management Center holds career workshops that build on the fundamentals taught in your Business Communications courses and provide additional insight to help you put your best foot forward when entering the job market.

Offerings are customized to meet your class’s needs and include:

  • Industry Panel Discussions

    Panel discussions with alumni and corporate representatives give you an in-depth look at potential business careers.

  • Relationship-Building

    Networking is an essential professional skill, regardless of your career goals. Learn how to build and manage your network, request information, and get tips on informational interviewing.

  • Branding and Developing a Strategic Job Search Plan

    Develop a strategic plan for branding and marketing yourself. Once you make a plan, a CMC coach will review it and help align your goals with effective actions.

  • Professional Communication and Resume Development

    Learn useful guidelines for creating a professional cover letter and resume that best represent your passions and interests. You’ll work one-on-one with a career coach to refine your resume, and will exchange resumes with your classmates to receive additional feedback.

  • Interviewing

    Learn how to respond to behavioral and case questions that are commonly asked during job interviews, and practice one-on-one in mock interviews with coaches and classmates.

On-site visits are an ideal way to get firsthand knowledge of a company or industry. MMS student clubs may organize corporate visits to organizations in cities like Atlanta, New York, and Washington, D.C., while visits in and around Kunshan and Shanghai will take place during your China residency. Suzhou Industrial Park, where 88 of the Fortune 500 companies have invested, is only a short trip from Duke Kunshan University, and the world business capital of Shanghai is just a 20-minute train ride away.

During your U.S. residency, you’ll benefit from career fairs that expose you to various industries and provide opportunities for you to network with company representatives, recruiters, and potential employers.

Using the resources at Fuqua, at Duke Kunshan University, and within Duke’s expansive global alumni network, you can count on interacting with a variety of employers. Our corporate relations staff helps recruiters find and hire MMS students through on-campus events, interviews, and job postings.

Recruiting events include panel discussions, recruiting receptions, office hours where you engage in casual interactions with business professionals, corporate presentations, interactive webinars, and company meet-and-greets.

On-campus recruiting activities during your U.S. residency often include first-round interviews for eligible students, typically beginning in September. In the spring, you’ll have the opportunity to make connections with international and national organizations in China.

The Ford Library

To aid your job search efforts, the staff at Duke’s Ford Library offers customized service and access to proprietary business databases.

Duke Kunshan Library

When studying at Duke Kunshan, you’ll retain full access to the Ford Library, but you’ll also gain access to the resources at the Duke Kunshan Library. These include electronic business journals, business reports, and Wind Financial Terminals.

Career Services System

A one-stop shop for recruiting and career search information, the Fuqua Global Talent System is our internal career services website, where you can find job postings and contacts throughout the year.

Resume Database

Fuqua’s digital resume database increases your chance of catching the eye of a headhunter.

Online Mock Interviews

InterviewStream is an innovative learning tool that enhances your job interviewing skills by creating a compelling simulated interview experience.

To help you develop professional tools and skills, the student-run MMS Association (MMSA) organizes career-focused events for you to get firsthand advice on topics like job search tactics, effective networking, and career experience.

When you join the MMS: Duke Kunshan program, you’ve joined a supportive global community of alumni, with an incredibly passionate cohort in East Asia. You’ll also be a member of the Fuqua family. As soon as you start the program, you’ll be able to access and search Fuqua’s database of 24,000+ alumni, using criteria like program, graduation year, industry, company, job function, or geographic location. You’ll also have access to Duke University’s full alumni database of 170,000+. Networking with alumni helps you learn more about the industries or organizations you are interested in.

Throughout the program, you’ll have ample opportunities to interact with alumni, both on and off campus. You’ll be able to attend events such as Fuqua Around the World, and alumni gatherings organized by local and regional alumni associations.

On top of a great academic reputation, Fuqua has unparalleled resources when it comes to career opportunities, networking events, guest speakers, and social engagements. I really maximized my tuition through extensive access to many events and opportunities.

— Ashley McNeil, United States

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