Student Experience

Alexia Ma

Class of 2021

Vancouver, Canada
Undergradate Education

Simon Fraser University
Business Administration, 2018

Interested Industry
“My leadership style has transformed exponentially. I am now more confident in my ability to instill camaraderie within a diverse team while simultaneously framing my ideas, approaches, and solutions with persuasive appeal and proficiency.”
5 Best Places to Study
  1. Fuqua Study Rooms: These quiet, individual study rooms are one of my favorite places to study.
  2. Home: Studying in the comfort of your own home is always one of the best options when you feel like being a hermit.
  3. The Fox Center: With a beautiful view looking out to Fuqua’s campus, this is a great place to grab lunch while studying for your next exam.
  4. The Bryan Center Plaza: On a sunny day, the outdoor seating area is a perfect place to get some fresh air while studying or reading a book.
  5. Ford Library: Surprisingly, not many people take advantage of the gorgeous library located on the second floor of Fuqua. When you want to focus, this is the place to be.
What I Love About Durham

Durham is unlike any city I have lived in before. It’s enshrouded by nature and is peaceful, tranquil, and serene. There are many local eateries and bars that my friends and I thoroughly enjoy. One of our favorite spots downtown is Pour Taproom. With a unique self-serve system and wide outdoor area, I have spent many Friday evenings with friends here.

Why I Chose Fuqua

A crucial factor for me in my program selection was an embracement of diversity and cross-cultural education. I also wanted to be fully engaged both in and out of the classroom. My time at Fuqua has truly exceeded all of my expectations. My class was able to navigate a global health crisis while continuing to build invaluable and life-long connections with one another. My peers at Fuqua continue to challenge my growth in ways that I know are pivotal to my personal and professional development.

Before MMS
I worked in the public sector in Taiwan. During my time there, I worked side-by-side with the city mayor, executing strategic initiatives and working on social media outreach.
After MMS
I would love to join a company within the retail or CPG industry and work in an internal strategy department.

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