Student Experience

Katherine Bell

Class of 2020

Clemmons, North Carolina
Undergradate Education

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Environmental Science, 2019

Interested Industry
Environmental Research & Consulting
“The ‘Fuqua Family’ that I have been lucky enough to become a part of is something that I know is hard to find in graduate programs. I am extremely grateful for the lifelong friends that I have made here.”
5 Tips for Maximizing Your Time at Fuqua
  1. Join clubs, or start your own! One of the best ways to get to know other students at Fuqua, including MBA students, is to join one of the many and diverse student-run clubs.
  2. Don’t get lost in the academics. Remember that the value of your time at Fuqua is not just within your classes—it can also be found in the friendships, activities, and out-of-classroom experiences that you will never forget.
  3. Attend Fuqua Fridays! Every Friday, Fuqua serves free food and drinks on campus. Not only do you get a free dinner, but it is a built-in way to get to know your network at Fuqua better in a fun and relaxed environment.
  4. Get to know the amazing faculty and staff. Whether it’s a professor you love or one of the amazing program assistants, they are there to help you succeed and make the most of your time at Fuqua.
  5. Remember that even difficult experiences will help you grow. You might face a challenging class, a job position you don’t get an offer for, or even a teammate that you don’t see eye-to-eye with; don’t forget the value of the tough times, and don’t let them distract you from the good ones!
My Favorite Professor

Professor Leslie Marx teaches the managerial economics course. Her passion for economics is so evident in every class, she almost forces you to fall in love with the subject! I never would have thought that this was something I would find so compelling, but that is exactly what happened. Her class was full of interesting examples, relevant articles, and fun in-class activities. It was very clear that she cared deeply that her students understood the concepts. She also made a conscious effort to be inclusive and thoughtful towards the various backgrounds represented in our class.

Why I Chose Fuqua

After researching the program and speaking with the admissions staff, it was very clear that both Duke and Fuqua are one of a kind. The opportunity to be a part of a diverse and talented group of students combined with the amazing professors made Fuqua a stand-out option for my graduate studies. The Duke Kunshan University portion, in my eyes, elevates the learning component even further. The immersive cultural learning I will have adds to the invaluable experience that I will carry with me throughout my entire life.

Before MMS
I was an intern at an environmental consulting firm. It was in this position where I saw how environmental science, business, and economics can come together in an incredibly influential way.
After MMS
I plan to delve further into a field that intersects environmental preservation and business. I am excited to apply my newfound business knowledge with my lifelong passion for sustainability. As a long-term goal, I hope to pursue a career in environmental consulting.

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