Student Experience

Ola Madamidola

Class of 2021

Boston, Massachusetts
Undergradate Education

Bryn Mawr College
International Studies/Biology, 2016

Interested Industry
“I was surprised by how diverse the student body is. I have had such interesting conversations and formed relationships with students from different backgrounds who all seem to have a slightly different way of seeing the world.”
5 Random Things About Me
  1. Traveling is a passion of mine. I have traveled to close to a dozen countries thus far.
  2. Reading was my first love; growing up, it transported me to foreign places, real or imaginary.
  3. I have studied five different languages including, Latin, Japanese, Arabic, German, and French.
  4. Alan Watts is my favorite philosopher. His thoughts on the stream of life inform my view of how to live my life.
  5. The song I would pick to introduce me to a room full of people is “Show Me Love” by Hundred Waters. This song states how I desire to be and how I want others to treat me in return.
My Favorite Fuqua Professor

Alessandro Arlotto is a fantastic professor. It is not easy to teach through Zoom and even harder to make students feel like they are following along but, Professor Arlotto did a great job explaining difficult topics through virtual learning in his statistics course.

Why I Chose Fuqua

I wanted to gain a deeper knowledge of business fundamentals that would provide me the skillset to advance in my career and give me the tools to be successful in entering future leadership roles. Additionally, I was looking to find more direction for my next career path. I wanted to be part of a program that fostered a dynamic educational environment and that encouraged and inspired magnified learning for its students.

Before MMS
I lived abroad in Paris and later in Berlin. During this time, I worked in business development specializing in fintech startups. Before that, I worked at M&T Bank as a business analyst. These opportunities helped me to gain a tremendous amount of perspective on the global nature of business.
After MMS
Since developing my understanding of business fundamentals with an international scope, I plan to work at a global enterprise on a business development and management track.

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