Student Experience

Spencer Ivey

Class of 2018

Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina
United States
Undergradate Education

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Political Science / Music, 2017

Interested Industry
5 Random Facts About Me
  1. At Fuqua, I rode my longboard or walked to class from my apartment every day in order to reduce the environmental impact of driving.
  2. During my time at Duke Kunshan University, I was able to travel to Pyeongchang, South Korea to see the 2018 Winter Olympics. I went with my classmates from Greece, Peru, and the United States, and we even got to see Red Gerard win a gold medal for the United States in slopestyle snowboarding.
  3. Every member of my family went to N.C. State for their undergraduate and graduate studies. Needless to say, they were all surprised when I ended up attending both UNC and Duke for my own.
  4. I wear a necktie every Friday (I usually wear bowties). When my classmates and friends ask why, I always say it is for “Friday Tie-Day.”
  5. My classmate Sam and I won the winter snow photo contest at Duke Kunshan University when I posed as a model in the snow wearing only a bathing suit and the Fuqua basketball jersey from the Fuqua basketball experience.
What I Love About Durham

Having grown up in a small town outside of Raleigh and attended UNC-Chapel Hill for undergrad, I have discovered that the Triangle region has everything a college student could need. In terms of education, Duke, UNC, and NC State not only provide students in the Raleigh-Durham area some of the best academic resources, but also a great culture of academic and sporting rivalry. Durham also offers great social opportunities and night life and is one of my favorite places in North Carolina for food, featuring many delicious and unique local restaurants that really showcase the culture of the city.

Why I Chose MMS

I was interested in continuing my studies through a masters or PhD program, but with majors in music and political science, I felt that my job and graduate program prospects were limited. When I found out about the MMS: Duke Kunshan University program at Fuqua, I was instantly sold. The most important factor in my choice was the ability to travel and complete my business studies in China. During college, I studied the Chinese language and had always intended to work in or with the region. This program is helping me gain business skills and experience in the country I view as one of the most interesting and important economies in the world.

Before MMS
I worked as a professional bartender at many private events and weddings, often purchasing my own supplies and managing my own finances. I felt that an MMS degree would allow me to refine my business skills for this and future opportunities.
After MMS
I plan to find a job at an international joint-venture educational institution, just like Duke Kunshan University. I am interested in working in a staff support role either in career services or international relations. Growing up, I had limited opportunities and resources to get involved with international education opportunities, so I want to spend my career ensuring that upcoming students who are interested in receiving an international education have the ability to do so.

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