Student Experience

Vivien Fergusson

Class of 2019

Richmond, Virginia
United States
Undergradate Education

University of Virginia
Cognitive Science/French/Dance, 2018

Interested Industry
Product Management, Marketing
Why I Chose Fuqua

Apart from the outstanding academics, I was initially drawn to Fuqua because of the Admissions team, who made me feel welcomed and acknowledged as an individual. Even before setting foot on campus, I was attracted to the strong sense of community, the celebration of diversity, and the opportunities for personal and leadership development. Since arriving at Duke, all of my expectations have been met. I have been particularly impressed by the faculty’s commitment to helping each student discover, understand, pursue what they are truly passionate about, and create a path to achieve their personal goals.

5 Best Places to Study in Durham
  1. The Ford Library is a definite must. It has beautiful, big windows that look out over the trees, which feels very calming; I’ve often seen people meditating in front of them. It’s extremely convenient to go there in between classes and it’s completely silent.
  2. I loved sneaking away to Perkins Library on big Duke’s campus. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of Fuqua and get some space from people you see and work with all the time. There’s a really beautiful café inside of the library with high-arched ceilings and great coffee!
  3. Speaking of coffee, Durham has no shortage of hip coffee shops. Some of my favorites include Cocoa Cinnamon (any location!) and Joe Van Gogh.
  4. If the weather is pleasant, Duke has tons of outdoor spots to stay warm in the sun while working away on cases or studying for finals.
  5. A list of study places would be remiss without the mention of team rooms. There’s always a bit of a competition as to who can get there and settle in first, so once you get one – hang on!
Pro Tip: Women’s Leadership Conference

One of the best experiences I’ve had at Fuqua was attending the Association of Women in Business (AWIB) Women’s Leadership Conference. It was a day-long event during which female and male ally students at Fuqua, as well as prospective female students, had the chance to attend a variety of lectures, workshops, and discussions. The conference was an incredible opportunity to connect with strong, empowered women. I left feeling proud to be a part of a school that celebrates gender diversity and that recognizes women as thought leaders and game changers in an industry still largely dominated by men.

Before MMS
I worked as a marketing and communications intern through the University of Virginia Arts Office. I was interested in the advertising aspect of marketing being both a creative and results-driven business function. My experience helped me to realize that there was so much more I needed to learn if I wanted to understand business comprehensively.
After MMS
I’m interested in pursuing a career in product management or marketing. I am fascinated by design thinking and the role a product manager plays in guiding a product to market through strategy, user understanding, and cross-disciplinary team building.

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